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Steelmate PTSC1 parking sensors are available in over 20 colours

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Steelmate have now release a multi coloured range in the form of the PTSC1 rear parking sensor.  Originally these sensors were available in just silver, matt black & gloss black.  Being the entry level model which still comes with a 3 year parts warranty & when fitted we offer a 1 year labour warranty too.

These Steelmate PTSC1 rear parking sensors now come in a variation of colours to suit a vast range of cars.  This now makes these parking sensors a little more attractive to customer who dont want to pay for colour coding to there fitted parking sensors and are quite happy with a close match.

They cost just £109.99 including mobile fitting throughout the midlands.  You can of course still have these Steelmate PTSC1 fitted parking sensors colour coded to match the colour of your car for an extra £30.00.

So why not take a look at the Steelmate PTSC1 reverse sensors as an option.

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