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Have your parking sensors stopped working?

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Did you know we also offer a service to come & inspect your faulty parking sensors regardless if we fitted the sensors or not.  Of Course if they were fitted by us & are still under there first year warranty then a service call to inspect your faulty parking sensors is free.

If you had you reverse sensors fitted else where or perhaps you have bought a new car with parking sensors fitted to it already but they are not working then we can help.  A service visit starts from just £39.99 depending on where you live or you could alway bring your car to us once you have made an appointment.

We can sometimes diagnose the fault over the phone or if you can send us an image of the parking sensor we may know what kit you have & what your options are for repairing the reverse sensors.  We mainly use Cobra & Steelmate parking sensors which have either a 19mm or 20mm hole.  Certain other manufacturers also use the same size parking sensors.

For example we saw a car a few weeks back that had Valeo parking sensors fitted to it which look the same as Steelmate but they do actually use the same hole diameter so our Steelmate PTSC1 & PTS400ex parking sensor kit will fit perfectly.  So why not give us a call & get that fault on your faulty parking sensors fixed.  We can also diagnose certain factory fitted parking sensors too, so what are you waiting for.

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