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Fitting Steelmate PTSC1 gloss black parking sensors to a Renault Clio

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Today we fitted some more Steelmate PTSC1 gloss black parking sensors to a new Renault Clio.  Another easy Installation, well for us anyway.  Fitting took around an hour with nothing complicated to remove.  Reverse was up in the tailgate so we needed to access the loom as it came down into the head lining.  All the wires are black i'm afraid so its multimeter out until the correct feed was found to power up the reverse sensors.  Oh and the car does keep going into safe mode so turns the ignition off after 2-3 minutes.

Once all the the holes were drilled we could fit the Steelmate parking sensors with the parking sensor loom running into the boot via the cars factory grommet which i presume was there for the factory fitted parking sensors if the car had them.  The control unit was then hidden away inside the boot along with the buzzer.  The Renault Clio was then put back together and the fitted parking sensors were tested.  Supplied & fitted just £109.99 including fitting at your home or work anywhere in the midlands.

Renault Clio fitted with Steelmate PTSC1 parking sensors

Close up images of the Renault Clio parking sensors


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