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Did you know that our Steelmate parking sensors are suitable for vehicles with metal bumpers?

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

A lot of parking sensor installers have the fear of god put into them once they realise your car has a metal bumper like the Nissan Navara.  Being a parking sensor specialist we have fitted parking sensors to vehicles like the Mitsubishi L200 for years.  Yes it's a little more work but just because you own a Toyota Hilux doesn't mean you cant have parking sensors fitted to your car.

There are four different parking sensor kits to choose from.  The Steelmate PTSC1, Steelmate PTS400EX, Steelmate PTS400-W1 & the Steelmate PTS400QC.  For pick up truck's like the Ford Ranger we would say either of the Steelmate Wireless parking sensors would be more suitable.  Thats the PTS400-W1 & the PTS400QC because they also have water proof control units which have to be fitted inside the rear light or to the vehicles chassis.  We can fit the PTSC1 & PTS400ex but bear in mind the control units are not water proof.  Even though we mount these in the best place possible.

Fitting on these type of vehicles takes about an hour and a half plus time for the rust proof sealant to go off so we usually recommend you don't wash the vehicle for 48 hours.  


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