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Reverse cameras & dash cam viewing angles explained.

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

The viewing angle of a fitted reverse camera or dash cam with mobile fitting has a massive impact on it's field of view.  

A 90° viewing angle is going to pick up less field of view but the image will appear to be more zoomed in, making registration plates much easier to read. But it's not really suitable for reversing or as a dash cam because it will not cover the entire viewing area.

A viewing angle of 120 degrees or above will pick up a much larger field of view which makes it a great choice for reverse cameras & dash cams so that no object in is left unseen.  The larger the angle the more you will see.  But do bear in mind that the image shown will be a convex image so things will appear further away than they really are.  The same as looking in your cars wing mirrors.  These have convex glass compared to your interior mirror where the glass is flat giving a true image.

Our reverse cameras have angles from 120 degrees to 170 degrees so theres a great choice of reverse cameras with mobile fitting to suit your needs.

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