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VW Passat estate rear parking sensors - Steelmate PTSC1 with Colour Coding

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Another popular car we fit rear sensors to is the VW Passat Estate.  This VW Passat estate was a 2011 model in Urano Grey & the customer had chosen our popular Steelmate PTSC1 reverse parking sensors.

Fitting parking sensors to the VW Passat is a straight forward installation.  The bumper does not need to be removed to have the VW parking sensors fitted.  Just the rear light & the slam panel inside the boot and the rear quarter unclipping to gain access to the factory blanking grommet to route the fitted parking sensors wiring loom into the VW Passat estate.

The reverse feed to power up the rear parking sensors is in the rear light in the rear wing.  the buzzer we fitted inside the roof under the cars head lining to give that factory fitted parking sensors feel of seeing nothing inside the car.

Fitting parking sensors to the VW Passat Estate took us just an hour, so why not get Pro Park UK to fit rear parking sensors to your VW Passat by calling us on 0116 2145054.

VW Passat Estate rear parking sensors - Steelmate PTSC1

VW Passat 2011 estate fitted with Steelmate parking sensors - PTSC1

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