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Mercedes C180 Coupe rear parking sensors with mobile fitting.

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

A Mercedes C Class used to be one of the most common cars that I use to fit reverse parking sensors to a few years ago.  But now as most Mercedes cars come with rear parking sensors as standard i don't see them that often.  But today i did an older 2007 Mercedes C180 Coupe.  The customer chose our Steelmate PTS400ex silver rear parking sensors with a DS2 LED display.

Fitting parking sensors to a Mercedes C Class Coupe is quite a easy task.  The rear parking sensors go in the rear bumper strip which just unclips to reveal the factory sensor markings.  This Mercedes C Class was in Irridium silver so the Steelmate PTS400ex silver rear parking sensors were a perfect colour match.

All the cables were routed inside the car via the factory grommet.  Reverse & earth was taken from the rear light.  The buzzer & the DS2 display was fitted up in the rear roof head lining.  The whole installation took around an hour & now there is another Mercedes kitted out with fitted silver rear parking sensors by Pro Park UK.

Mercedes C Class rear parking sensors with fitting


Parking sensors fitted in the bumper strip on a Mercedes C180 Coupe 2007

Mercedes C180 Coupe silver rear fitted parking sensors

Steelmate PTS400ex silver rear parking sensors with DS2 display fully fitted just £159.99

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