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How much does it cost for parking sensors to be fully fitted to my Car?

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

The cost of fitted parking sensors all depends on what car or van you have because sometimes one kit does not fit every car.  There seems to be a lot of searches online looking for the cost of fitted parking sensors or parking sensors best price.  Some even search for cheap fitted parking sensors.

There are some cheap parking sensors out there on eBay for example, where you can pick up a kit for around £12.00.  I'm not sure i would want these fitting on my car.  Although i have fitted quite a few reverse sensor kits like this over the years for customers who wish just to have a labour only service to fit there own parking sensors.

Our fitted parking sensors start from just £109.99.  These are our Steelmate PTSC1 rear parking sensors that come in over 20 colours and being Steelmate they are reliable & trustworthy.  I wouldn't sell anything I would not be prepared to fit on my own vehicle.  I only supply & fit parking sensors from Cobra Parkmaster (Vodafone Automotive) & Steelmate Automotive.  In my opinion these are the best two manufacturers on the parking sensor market today.

The fitted parking sensors market is a competitive place for fitted rear parking sensors with so many of us out there now.  But Pro Park UK is the only parking sensor specialist that built its business on just parking sensors.  We fit parking sensors ourselves & do not sub out the work to contractors.  Thats why we bring the kit with us and do not send it to you in the post.  We know the cars & the kits so always quote you the most suitable fitted parking sensor kit for your car.


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  • How much to fit on a vw polo please.

    Elizabeth Gartside on

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