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Fitting parking sensors to a 2013 Porsche Cayman

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Every so often we get a nice Porsche to fit rear parking sensors.  This time we fitted parking sensors to a Porsche Cayman.  This Porsche Cayman was a 2013 model in white.  Unfortunately it didn't come with reverse parking sensors.  Thats where Pro Park UK come in.

The Porsche Cayman has a small matt black lip at the bottom of the rear bumper so this is where the rear parking sensors will be fitted.  You cant really see any pre markings due to the heat shields so its the good old fashioned tape measure this time round.

Once the four rear Porsche Cayman parking sensor positions were marked we drilled the holes ready to fit the Steelmate PTS400ex rear parking sensors.  Once the Porsche parking sensors were fitted the parking sensor cables were then routed up behind the heat shields and into the boot.

The reverse light is in the rear spoiler on the Porsche Cayman but the wiring can be found via a grommet once you have removed most of the boot trims and carpets.  The customer opted for the Steelmate DS1 rear roof mount display as well as a buzzer.  Once fully fitted the Steelmate PTS400ex was tested on the Porsche Cayman and all was good.

Fitting parking sensors to a Porsche Cayman

Porsche Cayman parking sensors

Parking sensor in situ on a Porsche Cayman 2013

Steelmate DS1 display

Fitted parking sensors - Porsche Cayman

Another Porsche fitted with Steelmate PTS400ex rear parking sensors with a DS1 display - Just £159.99 with mobile fitting and a 5 year warranty.

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