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Struggling to Park? Well a fitted reverse camera with a mirror monitor will soon help you see more clearly.

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Stop worrying about parking your car in that tight parking space.

With Pro Park UK's number plate mounted infra red reverse parking camera & 7" mirror monitor.  The mirror monitor simply clips over your existing rear view mirror giving you a much better view when your reversing.  


The mirror monitor does exactly what its called.  When your not reversing your car its a normal tinted mirror.  But once you select reverse it transforms into a monitor showing you exactly whats behind you with guiding parking lines to help too.

Our number plate mounted reverse camera has infra red night vision.

Citroen C4 Grand Picasso reverse camera fully fitted

Reversing at night can also be a problem.  Parking sensors may warn you of objects in your path but they still don't help you see whats behind the car.  With the infra red LEDS built into the numberplate mounted reverse camera you'll see whats behind you at night too.  A small discreet camera mounted next to your number plate light is in the perfect position for showing you whats around you.  

Jeep Patriot reverse camera

With its 120 degree viewing angle you will everything you need.

Prices for this particular system are just £189.99 fully fitted on site at your location through out the midlands.  We can also provide various other fitted reverse cameras with a choice of monitors from just £159.99 fully fitted.

Fitted mirror monitor & reverse camera

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