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Reverse camera with mobile fitting on a Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Fitting a reverse camera with a mirror monitor

As with all vans visibility has alway been a problem when trying to reverse your van & even your car into tight spaces or just reversing in general.  Well today we fitted a 1999 Mercedes Sprinter Van with our Body Mount Reverse Camera & Mirror Monitor.  The Mercedes Sprinter Van had been converted into a Camper with a high top roof.

Our Body mount reverse camera with mirror monitor was the perfect fitted reverse camera solution for the job.  

Fitting the reverse camera in place was a fairy easy job but routing the cables to the reverse light was a bit trickier than expected but nether the less after a quick shower of snow the cables were all routed down to the reverse light.  I'm not gonna give too much away here.

The wireless reverse camera option was also chosen for this installation on the Mercedes Sprinter.  

Some people miss understand the meaning of wireless.  We still have to wire the reverse camera in.  The wireless part is the video AV.  Once everything was fitted in the back of the Camper Van, i set to work on fitting the reverse cameras mirror monitor.  Because this Mercedes Sprinter had an existing rear view mirror our reverse camera mirror monitor was clipped straight over the top of it.  Cables were then routed via the roof lining to the wireless receiver which was powered via the ignition / reverse.

Thats it!  The reversing camera position was adjusted so the customer could see the bumper and all was good.  If you would like a reverse camera fitted to your van or car we have various different types of reverse cameras & monitors started from just £159.99 fully fitted from Pro Park UK.

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van reverse camera fully fitted


Body mount camera fitted to a Mercedes Sprinter Van


Mirror monitor to view the reverse camera image


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