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Flush fit parking sensors for a Mercedes A Class with fitting

Posted by Curtis Jacques on

Another popular car i fit flush fit parking sensors to is the Mercedes A Class.  Parking sensors are still an optional extra on most Mercedes cars.  This particular Mercedes was a White Mercedes A Class and we were fitting front & rear Steelmate Flush fit parking sensors.

Bumper removal is essential when fitting front & rear flush fit parking sensors to allow access behind the bumper to clean it as well as mounting the parking sensor pods.  The rear flush fit parking sensors took around an hour and a half to install where as the front flush fit Mercedes parking sensors took around 2 and a half hours as there is so much more involved.  We also recommend two people to remove the front bumper on a Mercedes A Class.

Once fitted this Mercedes A Class looked identical to the factory fitted option.  Totally flush with the bumpers and fully colour coded.  We installed the buzzer only flush fit parking sensors on this Mercedes but you can also add visual displays if required.

Mercedes A Class parking sensors

Mercedes A Class reverse parking sensors

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