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Fitted front parking sensors - Steelmate PTS400EX DP front parking sensors - (replaces the PTS400EX-F)


  • £17999

Steelmate PTS400EX DP (PTS400EX-F) front parking sensors fully fitted

THE NEW STEELMATE PTS400EX DP (Dual Purpose) kit now replaces the original Steelmate PTS400EX-F front parking sensors.  The Steelmate PTS400EX DP is now a front or rear kit and comes with additional front cables.  You can expect the same high quality kit as before. The system is compatible with our visual displays. It can be used as a 2 Sensor system if required also. The sensor hole size is 18.8mm in diameter. The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm and they have detachable cables and a 4 and 8 degree angle of tilt in the box.

Front parking sensor operation

There are 2 options on how this kit works, included in the kit is a switch to allow manual switch on of the front parking sensors.  We also offer an automatic option at an additional cost.  This is where the sensors are control by the vehicle speed.  The sensors will turn on automatically from 0-6 mph.

Sensor Colour Coding:

We offer a sensor colour coding service which enables the sensors to be sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle for an additional cost.  A member of our staff call you to obtain the colour code for your vehicle if you select the colour coded option. The colour code can usually be found on the vehicles VIN plate or door shut.

Main Features:

4 sensor Dual Purpose (front) system
Can be used as 2 sensor front system
Fully upgradeable to use one of our compatible visual displays
Intelligent detection, compatible with front protrusions such as nudge bars
Anti-false alert technology
Self-test function
All weather design (-40°c +85°c)

Technical Parameters:

Operating temperature: -40oC>+85°c
Input: <300mA
Beep volume: 70>90dB
Sensor installation height: 45>60cm
Range: 0.3>1.0m


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