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Fitted Steelmate PTS400-W1 Wireless buzzer parking sensors


  • £16999

Steelmate PTS400-W1 wireless buzzer reverse sensors

 This package is specifically for ALL MOTORHOMES, VANS, HGV TRUCKS, LORRIES, NO MATTER HOW BIG THEY ARE! It will also fit Vans, cars, 4x4 vehicles with or without spare wheels, Pick ups, tipper trucks due to the rear kit (PTS400QC) waterproof control box which can be mounted outside the vehicle! The wireless buzzer will be mounted inside the vehicle and activates when reverse gear is selected.  The kit includes 4 parking sensors.

They come with a new patented all weather proof design

They come with Steelmate's anti false alert technology stopping those false alerts.  Once engaged into reverse gear the PTS400W1 park assist electronically scans the areas behind your motorhome during the parking / reversing process and acoustically warns you of any obstacles in your path by an audible tone when you park.  The audible beeps will change tones when the distance is becoming shorter and shorter, until a continuous beep is heard giving total control.  

These reverse sensors require just a 18.8mm hole

The PTS400W1 also comes with free adapters so the sensors can be fitted underneath the bumper which is great for vans / trucks with safety T bars & even certain motorhomes. The PTS400-W1 wireless parking sensors come in matt black or white as standard or can be painted to suit the colour of the vehicle at an additional cost (£30) & can be installed to motorhome / motor home / mobile home even with METAL or plastic bumpers to enable you to park safely your motorhome safely without damaging it. The PTS400W1 system can be fitted to both 12v & 24v vehicles. So whether its a Motorhome or a convertible Mini these fitted parking sensors will work a treat.


Why not take a look at some of our customers fitted parking sensors in the installation gallery

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