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Novus Silver 100T insurance approved dash cam fully fitted


  • £21999

Novus Silver 100T Insurance approved HD dash cam

The Novus Silver 100T dash cam is a forward facing accident witness camera, continuously records the road ahead in case of an incident onto the 4GB SD card provided (Max 64GB SD card capacity). It has key only access to the lockable SD card.  Which means you can control who has access to the data on the SD card at all times.

Novus Silver 100T Comes with built-in GPS

As well as 3 Axis G-Sensors, a microphone, plus monitor input and an emergency button which when pressed will log an event. The Silver 100T also has a secondary camera input enabling the Novus Secondary internal camera to be installed for recording either the cabin of a vehicle or the rear road view.

This dash camera can be easily removed at night.

Plus it can be transferred to another vehicle making the Novus Silver 100T an ideal car camera solution for the average road user.

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