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Pro Park fitted number plate camera with a choice of monitors

Pro Park UK

  • £15999

Pro Park IR number plate reverse camera system

Is a great option for car owners. The simplicity is great.  The120 degree lens numberplate camera has night vision too so reversing down a tricky dark street is no longer a problem. Simple select reverse gear and hey presto your camera and monitor turn on. 

Choose from 3 different monitors.

We have 3 different monitors depending on how you would like to see your image.  The 4.3" dash monitor is quite a popular choice because it sits neatly on the dashboard.  we also have our 7" widescreen mirror monitor which simple clips over the existing rear view mirror giving a much larger view in a natural position which is also a mirror when not in use.  Finally the 7" dash top monitor which is for the larger vehicle suvh as Transit vans etc or could be fitted to the roof if no mirror was present?  Either way you'll see much more clearly behind you. 




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